Offshore Wind Farms

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Moving from nuclear power to renewable energy: Germany is taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Wind is one of the most obvious sources of energy, and offshore wind farms are being built all over the world. 100% renewable. Reliable. Affordable.

MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH is your specialist partner for the installation, maintenance and repair of your wind farms. We use special rope technology to access areas that cannot be reached with scaffolding or cranes. This enables us to perform work at locations that are otherwise impossible to reach. Our rope access equipment can be adapted for any task. You save time and money while prolonging the service life of your plant.

Our expert team includes electricians, mechanics, welders, fitters, painters and other technicians who are all experienced industrial climbers. We are therefore able to perform any task in a most flexible, safe and professional manner.  

All industrial climbers working for MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH are qualified experts in their field, have undergone specialist training for work on offshore wind farms and are certified for the work they do. MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH can therefore offer you tailor-made solutions for any task in relation to offshore wind farms. We are professionals dedicated to precision. We are reliable and have years of practical experience.



  • BOSIET offshore safety & emergency training
  • Safety training at the training centre of the Danish/Norwegian safety specialist Falck Nutec
  • HUET - Helicopter underwater egress training
  • PSAgA - Training in the safe handling and use of personal equipment against falls from a height
  • FISAT certificates for rope access techniques:
    • SZT L1 – Level 1 - Basic course
    • SZT L2 – Level 2 - Rope access technicians
    • SZT L3 – Level 3 - Supervisors





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