About Us

Are you looking for experienced industrial climbers? Then look no further! MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH is your competent specialist partner for rope access work. Based in Möser near Magdeburg, we have been working for more than ten years for a range of German and international clients.

Our highly professional and well-trained industrial climbers are all expert technicians in their own fields and bring a wealth of practical skills with them. MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH can therefore offer you tailor-made solutions for any task that requires rope access. We are professionals offering reliable and flexible services. We always use the latest technologies and are committed to protecting the environment.

We are your partner for installation and repair work, cleaning, maintenance and inspections of high buildings and wind turbines onshore or offshore.


By using specialised rope access techniques, we are able to work in areas that cannot be reached with scaffolding or cranes.

We have of course all the necessary certifications and qualifications that apply in our sector. MDS industrial climbers are FISAT certified and meet the international qualification requirements for rope access workers. Our company is an SCC certified contractor.
Rely on our extensive know-how and experience as a rope access contractor working for clients in a wide range of fields. We would be delighted to talk to you about your challenges and our solutions.

Our certificates

German Chambers of Commerce AHK

MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH is a member of AHK, and organisation that represents and supports German companies operating abroad.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK

We are a member of the local IHK chamber which represents the interest of private business.


AMS BAU is the occupational safety management system developed by BG BAU for its members. MittelDeutsche Seiltechnik GmbH is certified according to AMS BAU.

SCC Certificate

The Safety Certificate Contractor or SCC is an internationally recognised industry standard. This certificate is only awarded to contractors who meet the most stringent safety standards in all their management and work processes. The SCC system is one of the best known occupational safety standards.


FISAT is the German Association for Rope Access, acting as the official certification body for rope access work in Germany. Companies and workers with FISAT certificates work according to the highest safety standards. FISAT certification is thus a quality mark for safe rope access.

Wind Energy Agency

We are a member of Wind Energy Agency WAB, the network of the wind energy industry in Germany acting as a nationwide contact for the offshore wind industry. This network includes research institutes, manufacturers, installers and service specialists. In other words, WAB represents companies and organisations along the entire value chain of the offshore wind industry.


We are a member of BG BAU, the statutory accident insurance of the construction sector in Germany.